Polymer Clay Chevron Ring{All Star Lucy}
May 14, 2012
Pops of Chevron{All Stars Lolly Jane}
May 16, 2012

Chevron Potty Party{All Star Mindy}

first i want to say CONGRATS to CSI for 2 years!

we are so excited to be a part of the celebration!

i’m mindy from CREATIVE JUICE

a blog all about ways to entertain your guests & kids with style and creativity.

a few things you should know – i don’t use CAPS correctly and i LOVE CHEVRON.

have you seen my logo? my blog? my last 3 parties? all my free printables?

 lol they are plastered with chevron.

and nothing could be more CHEVRON-TASTIC than

the potty party i threw for my daughter and her friends.

yes. you read that correctly.

i had a POTTY party to celebrate her success in potty training. and it was a blast!

you can see the full party HERE.

EVERY detail was chevron-tastic.

the cake, the printables, the party hats.

even the coconut yogurt cups – see?!


these were made by layering go-gurts & topping with coconut

AND they were really good!


after this party went up on my site i had a few request for the

TP wreath tutorial

so this is what i am sharing with you today!

now, i don’t expect that very many of you have plans to make one of these,

but the concept & tutorial behind it is pretty universal.

you could easily substitute any color of tissue paper or light fabric

to fit your theme and printables.

you need: styrofoam wreath

toilet paper squares, skewer, ribbon, & printable for background {not shown}

 fold the square and push skewer into the center & into the wreath


place several clumped on one side & wrap the remaining wreath with TP!

 once i had this i cut the printable to fit on the back and secured it with tape.

 once i finished it, i cut the printable to fit on the back and secured it with tape.

it fit perfectly with the rest of the party decor!!


three cheers for CHEVRON 🙂

happy entertaining!

mindy starr






{see? check out the logo… i told you i love chevron…}



~ Thanks, Mindy. You are an All Star in every right. Chevron or not! Amazing!

Thanks for sharing with us today!


  1. Hilary says:

    Clever girl! Awesome party! Thanks for the tutorial too!

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