Window Box Recipe

I have always admired homes with window boxes.  There is something that is both charming and inviting about them. When we built our home, one of the first things I did was install two custom window boxes that are 6′ long in the front of the house.

I, by no means, consider myself to have a green thumb. Over the years I have experimented with container gardening.  This isn’t nearly as intimidating as gardening to me, and maintenance is fairly minimal.  I have had plenty of trial and error, but I have discovered a recipe for beautiful planters. In order to have gorgeous, full containers, you must have three ingredients:


1. Fillers– mounding annuals that will fill in the window box or planter


2. Spillers–  plants that will spill over the side of the container


3. Thrillers– taller plants that will provide height in the middle and/or either end


* It is important to choose plants that coincide with the amount of light the area receives where the container is located.


With these key ingredients in mind, plant placement is also important so the plants will grow and thrive.  The following diagram shows the plant arrangement I used in my window boxes (plant names I used are in parentheses) :



Here is what my window box looked like once I was finished planting:


I can’t wait until my plants start to mature.  It is going to look so beautiful!

It is fun to experiment with different color combinations and plant textures.  Google “window box recipes.”  You’ll be amazed at how many different plant and flower combination suggestions there are!

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