Kid’s Craft: Wooden Wall Decor{A Creative Cookie}

Hi there CSI Project readers! I’m Kate and I blog over at A Creative Cookie.


I am super excited to be here today!

When I saw that the theme this week would be “wood projects”, I thought, what would be a simple and easy way to make something with wood?

Then it hit me…

Remember these cute little things? Yep – Jenga blocks. I’m pretty much convinced you can make anything out of ’em.

Today I will be sharing with you how to make your own mini wooden wall decor out of Jenga blocks. This is a fun project to do with your kid of any age, and so easy to personalize!


Three Jenga blocks

Paint (mine’s Martha Stewart Multi-surface high-gloss, and Multi-surface glitter)


Hot glue gun


Small piece of wire

Let’s get started…

Start by drawing out your design on your blocks. It can be very intricate or very simple, like mine.

Here’s the fun part… paint!

I painted the edges as well to add a little pop of glitter.

Let the paint dry. Now, take your hot glue gun and glue the blocks together. If you are doing this with a child, be sure to do this for them.

Once glued, stick the wire in and secure it with hot glue…


…and Voila! You (or your child) have cute + fun wall art. Wouldn’t it look so nice as part of a gallery wall?

Thank you so much for having me, Dee!

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Have a fantastic day!

xo. Kate



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