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I am thrilled to be here today to share an easy back to school project with you plus a fun printable.
The Creative Chickadee


 Many of my friends and fellow followers know I have 2 boys, 1 in middle school and the other in high school, and it is hard to be cute and crafty for back to school projects with 2 older boys.  Herein lies my struggle and challenge every year.  This year I found my inspiration in washers.  Yep, washers.  
Since my boys are too old for embroidered back packs I decided to add washers with their names on them.  My youngest thinks it is cool, the eldest, he thinks he is too cool to tell me or not.  

I know not everyone has metal jewelry stamps, but if you look for sales they are really fun to have.  They have become a new fun toy in my arsenal.  If a friend has some ask to borrow them.  
Supplies you will need:
washers(found at Lowe’s for pennies)
rubbing alcohol(not shown)
cording of some type (I used para cord)
First step, find a hard surface for all the hammering.  I use the driveway with my mat underneath the washers.  I have done it inside on tile floors(using the mat), but the concrete works better for these hard washers.
Once you have the name hammered it is time to use the Sharpie.  Mark all over the hammered letters.  
Make sure you get into all the grooves.
Now it is time to take a little rubbing alcohol and wipe off all the Sharpie marker.  It will not take off the marker inside 
the lettering.  Clean up the washer really well
 so there are no streaks.

These washers are less feminine and more industrial, 
perfect for boys.  
(I will put our last name on the washer for school.)

Tie the washers on with some para cord.  The home washer is going on his house key.  
I hope this gives you a fun new way of putting your child’s name on their backpacks, or lunch boxes.
Here is a printable for back to school as well.  I always try to give the teachers a heads up when the boys are being checked out of school.  I wanted to share with you the notes I use to have the boys give to their teachers as a way to communicate that with them. 
Thanks for letting me hang out here today and please come by for a visit!! I love meeting new people.  
Good luck in this school year!!!   


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