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August 19, 2012
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August 20, 2012

Guest Judges of the Week{The Pinterest Project}-Podcast


This week’s judges are so inspiring to me. They live up to what The CSI Project’s mission is all about. They inspire one another. They share with one another and they create. I am thrilled to have Jamie and Miranda from The Pinterest Project here this week.

The Pinterest Project

When I was planning this week, I knew they would be perfect and that their blog would be perfect. Then, I talked to them and fell in love. Now, I wish I could just spend the day with them.

They are genuine, inspiring and fun!!!

Meet Jamie and Miranda

 We love DIY projects, cooking and wasting time on the internet holding babies.  Jamie found Pinterest first and introduced Miranda…and from that day forward, an addiction began.  We decided it would add a little excitement to our lives if we started tackling Pinterest projects on a daily basis…and sharing our experiences with our readers…

How fun and cute are they? I just adore them. I, of course, want to show you some of the projects you will find on their blog.

They pin recipes and make them. How good do these Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cookie Frosting look?

I love these Button Statement Rings. So cute!

They also Pin home decor and  create it!

Photo Transfer with Mod Podge

One feature I love about this blog is called Hit or Miss Monday. This is the post where they find something on Pinterest that is a Hit and a miss. So fun!

Be sure to go by every Monday for this post. You don’t want to miss it!

Love them yet?

Go by and visit them for more projects and inspiration.

As I mentioned, I had the opportunity to talk to these ladies for this week’s podcast, CSI Confidential.

They talked all about Pinterest, their blog and what they would be looking for as guest judges.

Check out the Audio Version:



View the Youtube Video Version

Go by The Pinterest Project and say hi! Give Jamie and Miranda  a BIG CSI welcome and link up because they just may pick you as a WINNER!!!

Be sure to Create, Share and Inspire this week!


  1. Julie Anne says:

    I try my hardest to only pin things that I really want to recreate or that I think I’m capable of!! Occasionally a few dream posts get pinned!
    Loved listening to the podcast and am excited to check out their blog!!

  2. These girls are the best! Love them!!

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