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August 20, 2012
Pinterest Inspired Frame{The CSI Girl}
August 21, 2012

Alarm System Cover Up{Lisa Tanner}

Hi everyone!! I’m so glad to be with you today! I hope you are enjoying the Pinterest Inspired tutorials so far this week.  Don’t you just love Pinterest?  Where else can you go to get inspiration on so many levels?  There are so many times I’ve looked to Pinterest for ideas from what I want to cook for dinner to decorations for a baby shower or trying to find the perfect new outfit.  I can’t think of one thing I’ve gone on the hunt for through Pinterest that I haven’t found several solutions or ideas.  Pinterest has yet to let me down!! Now, if only I can actually use the inspiration and get some things done???  Hmmm………..

Here’s a board I’ve been chipping away at lately:  Makeover – Foyer.  We have aAL large foyer but there’s no real separation from the living area, except for the change in flooring, which is an old ugly tile.  I’ve been really board with our foyer for some time.  I finally spent a day and painted one wall in a darker color, as an accent to the rest of the living area.  I slowly added some art work (most inspired by Pinterest, of course) but just didn’t feel like it was finished.

The one thing causing a problem was this:

See it?  An ugly alarm control panel.  I just wanted to cover it up somehow.  I thought about using a canvas but the ones I had on hand weren’t thick enough, so I just ignored it for a while knowing the right thing would eventually come along. 

Here’s where Pinterest comes to the rescue:

I saw this and thought maybe I could make this work for the wall.  Instead of using this to hide things away, I could use it to hide the panel.

I gathered my supplies – an old book, a craft knife and a ball point pen for starters.  I will say that I love love love books.  It’s very hard for me to destroy a book.  BUT, this particular book wasn’t anything I had hard of before.  It had a great cover and the pages were faded perfectly for craft projects, so I snatched it up.  It’s been sitting in a drawer for a while though, waiting for the perfect project.  And this was it!!

I took a page out of the book and used it to trace the area I wanted to cover.

Then I cut out the shape I had traced to use as a template for the back cover of the book.

I then traced my shape on the back of the book.

I cut it away and tested the back cover to see if it would slide over the control panel.

So, now the hard part.  I used my craft knife, with the remaining back cover serving as a template, to start cutting away the pages inside.

Several pages are cut away here:

Then I realized that first, I was going to make a giant mess and second, I should have glued my book together first.  So, I grabbed a few more supplies and continued working.  I needed something to hold my book closed tightly so I grabbed an elastic headband and wrapped it around the book twice.  I grabbed my Mod Podge and a foam brush and brushed on glue on the three sides of the exposed pages.  I gave it an hour or so to dry and got back to cutting pages.  I would probably do this step first if I attempt this project again.

It took a really long time to cut my pages out – I would test it to see if I was deep enough and wouldn’t be, so back to slicing pages away.  Finally, once it was deep enough, I decided to decorate the front of the book.  There are three of us in our family so I cut out a three from some brown vinyl and added a twine bow.

Now, the true test.  Will it really fit and look okay?

Yes!!!  It looks great to me.  It’s a little odd – a book hanging on the wall, a little unexpected.  But, I like it. Oh, you can see the canvas I added, as well.  Something else I’ve seen around Pinterest, but not one specific pin inspired it, just a combination of ideas.

Thanks so much for reading!!


  1. labbie1 says:

    Looks much better!

    Just and FYI in case someone wants to use this for their thermostat–the thermostat needs air in order to function so don’t cover that.

    The Alarm pad is great though! I like the idea of leaving the front flap so that you can just open it to get tothe keypad. Great idea!

  2. Julie Anne says:

    I think it’s a great idea… a book hanging on the wall is VERY creative!! Way to use a Pinterest idea and rework it so it fits what you need!!

  3. lori jones says:

    What a great idea!! think i might try this and modify it a tad. Think i’ll cut the back out like you did and cut all the pages out, then you could “open” it from the front and look at the keypad,or what ever you have hidden behind the the book. If you don’t like the front of the book you could mod-podg a picture on the front of the book,and add other pictures around it. cool idea.!!

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