Fall Popcorn Wreath{Cherished Bliss}

Hey CSI Readers! I hope you aren’t sick of me yet! hehe. In case you haven’t met me, I’m Ashley, and I blog over at Cherished Bliss

I am so in love with fall. All I can talk about is leaves and pretty fall colors!

Today I’m going to share with you my wreath tutorial. It’s pretty simple, but super time consuming. I LOVE it though, so I can’t complain!

Here is what you will need:


– Pool noodle or wreath form

– Duct tape (if you go the pool noodle route)

– Burlap

– Modge Podge

-Elmer’s Glue

– Foam brushes

– Scissors

-2 packages popcorn kernals



Take your pool noodle and determine how big you want your wreath, trim it accordingly and then duct tape the ends together REALLY WELL!


Next I covered my wreath in burlap using modge podge. I didn’t want my burlap to be perfectly smooth across my wreath form because I didn’t want that perfect look.


Now comes the time consuming part. Once you get your wreath wrapped in the burlap I took modge podge and painted it over sections of the burlap, then I sprinkled on the popcorn kernals. Once that dries, I did another layer of my homemade modge podge on top.

Home Made Modge Podge is just 1 part Elmer’s Glue 1 part water. I mixed mine up in a mason jar and shook it until it was mixed up.

The reason I did this was because the modge modge you buy is quite thick and kept pulling the kernels off when I would brush over them. This is a lot runnier and got down in the crevices really well.

You just keep doing this until your entire wreath is covered. I found that since you have to let each section dry before you can move on, it helps to point a fan on it.


Next I added the strap at the top to hang the wreath from.

I just took a long strip of muslin and ruffled it. Then I took a strip of canvas that was a little bit wider and sewed the ruffle strip straight down the center. Then I tied a bow at the top to hang it from.

And that’s it. After all your hard work you will have a popcorn kernel wreath!: )

This is just the base of the wreath, but I added a little something to it.

I have to admit, I cheated a little on putting those leaves on there. Hop on over to my blog to see how I cheated and the rest of my Fall Mantel

You can also see my matching Fall Centerpiece

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