Challenge of the Week{Fall Inspired Food}
October 13, 2012
Sponsor of the Week{Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom}
October 14, 2012

Guest Judge of the Week{My Favorite Finds}

Welcome back for another crafty and yummy week! This week is all about Fall Inspired Food so get ready to eat and try out new recipes. Our guest judge knows alot about food and getting crafty on her blog, My Favorite Finds.

Meet Carrie.

She is the blogger behind My Favorite Finds. She is a wife, mother and she finds great deals. She is talented and fun! She makes the perfect guest judge this week because she blogs about food along with so many other things like organization tips, cooking tips and menu planning. Oh and fall inspired food is all over her blog. Yummy!

Baked Apple Chips

Love these and she has the recipe for you! Check it out.

Or maybe you will love Pumpkin Pancakes this fall.

 This is a must have in my house this fall!!!

Carrie also gets crafty and you know we love a crafty, inspiring girl around here!!!

She made these Ribbon and Leaves Pumpkins. Love! Go see the full tutorial.

Ok, 1 more craft………Fall Blocks.

How wonderful is Carrie? I {heart} her crafty and blog style! She is the perfect judge this week and I trust she will make the best decisions. This November look for me, {your CSI Girl} and Carrie to be teaming up for Crafty Cornucopia. We are 2 of the bloggers who joined up to bring you a fun craft competition.


Stay tuned for this exciting blog event!

This week be sure to connect with Carrie. Here are all of the ways you can.

Be sure to stop by and give Carrie a BIG CSI welcome!

Come back tomorrow for the first tutorial/recipe of the week!

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