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October 27, 2012
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October 28, 2012

Challenge of the Week{My Painted Halloween}

Welcome back to another fun week here at The CSI Project! We are counting down the days until Halloween so I hope you are getting ready. This year, I have been crafting Halloween and in the spirit of DIY, I have created My Painted Halloween!

This week it is simple. If you have created it and it is for Halloween and you used paint, then link it up!

Back in early October, I recieved a craft pumpkin and other goodies from Michael’s. That is always a good package to find on the doorstep. So, I got busy and came up with an Eyeball Pumpkin.

This is all of my goodies in the mail.

I am in Halloween party mode right now so I knew I could create something for our Little Monsters Halloween Cupcakery party that we are actually having Halloween night. I am going for spooky but cute spooky. You know what I mean!

halloween     The Great Eyeball Pumpkin

Step 1– I cut off the stem of the pumpkin which because these are craft pumpkins, this is very easy to do.

Step 2– I painted my pumpkin white.

Step 3– I then painted the top black to be the pupil.

Step 4– I freehanded another circle for the eye. I wanted blue but any color is cute!

Step 5– I bought skinny red grosgrain ribbon to be the spooky veins. But you could use red paint too. I just hot glued on the ribbon. And because Michael’s included a little bling(which I love) I added a sparkle to my eye. My dad always said I was the sparkle in his eye!!!

There you have it. A very easy spooky eye ball made from a pumpkin.

I had fun. Can you tell?

I cannot wait to see what you have crafted this Halloween and how you used paint!

What will you link up this week?

As always this week we will have 3 awesome tutorials for you and then the challenge is on. You know what to do!

Come on over this week and share your Painted Halloween Projects. If you made it, painted it and it is Halloween themed, then link it up!

As always, here is the schedule for the week!


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  2. Oooo! This is a perfect challenge; I JUST painted our pumpkin today. Eager to enter the CSI Challenge on Thursday. (And your pumpkin eye looks amazing! Way to think outside of the box.)

    The Thinking Closet

  3. Danni Baird says:

    Oh that is so fabulous! And a little creepy too! Love it!

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