Black and White Pumpkin{The CSI Girl}


Welcome to the first week of The Craft Cornicopia. We are having so much bringing you fun crafty challenges this grateful season!

This week we also teamed up with Buttons Galore and More.

Each day this week we will be bringing you tutorials that we came up with using these cute buttons. This website has it all. They make finding the buttons you need and ordering them easy. So, it means you can craft sooner. You know I love that! I love, love crafting with buttons and you can pretty much see one in every craft I do. It is true. I am crazy like that. A proud moment of mine was when my 8 year old said, “I know what I want my birthday party to be next year. “

Of course, I said, “Oh, please tell.” I have about 9 months to prepare.

She said so matter of factly, ” Ribbons and button party because I love buttons on everything.”

That is my girl! She gets it honest. My mini me. What can you do?

Well, the generous people at Buttons Galore and More sent me some buttons and ribbon to try out.

ooh awww!!! Yes, I said ribbon. With it being fall and this being The Crafty Cornicopia series, I couldn’t resist crafting up a pumpkin.

I received all of this black and white inpiration. Perfect because I already have a spooky, black and white set up on my lantle. What is a lantle, you ask?

Well, I do not have a mantle and my shelves are already decorated but I do have a ledge so it became my lantle that I decorate with every season or holiday.

This was my loot. Look how cute those rosettes are. Order them already made!

I found a craft pumpkin that was already black. Score!

I decided I would use the checkered, gingham ribbon for my pumpkin. I grabbed my glue gun and went to work.

I also added ribbon to the stem and the button that makes this pumpkin elegant.

How much do I love this victorian button?

This pumpin was easy to make and has an elegant twist.

Buttons are so versatile and really embellish anything. If you can imagine it embellished, then grab a button or two!


First, go online to Buttons Galore and More and order some. Then, create! In true CSI Spirit, you can share it here and inspire others! That is how it work around here. Create.Share.Inspire!

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Buttons Galore and More








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