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Hi there!  I’m Sarah and I blog over at This Crazy, Blessed Life.  My blog is a snapshot at our life – sharing family photos and stories, whatever project I’m currently working on, and writing whatever is on my heart.  I’m a newly stay-at-home mom juggling making time for my faith, hubby, three kids, and whatever else I add to my plate!

I cannot wait to share our laundry room with you!  First of all, let me set the stage.  Our home is a single level 1200ish square foot house.  Our bedroom is huge and we have a lovely open kitchen/living room space, but our storage is non-existent in our house.  We stash stuff wherever we can – under beds,  every spot in closets, and corners in our bedroom {shhh!}.

The laundry room quickly became overrun with junk.  Our laundry room connects our bedroom to our bathroom, so it has two doors.  We had totally blocked the door to our bedroom with junk and we were quickly running out of room to move in there.  Enter a totally necessary laundry room makeover!

To me…beautiful = organized & functional.  So that’s what we focused on!

We started with dirty laundry storage.  We needed to get the baskets off the floor and up on the wall to clear some floor space.

We also had a problem with stray belts being thrown throughout the laundry room.  and the bathroom.  and the bedroom.  Add a little belt rack, and it’s so convenient to hang your belt up with taking off dirty clothes.

I have this little couponing hobby.  And with limited storage, my stockpile was spilling out everywhere 🙂  Now, we have this beautiful little stockpile area for all of our toiletries. {And yes, that’s 12 body washes, 20+ razors, and 6 shaving gels.}

We hung wire shelves above the washer and dryer and on the adjacent wall.  They have made storage so much nicer!  I also found these lovely hanging shelves that we put underneath the wire shelves for additional storage…batteries & light bulbs.

Add this awesome iron/ironing board hanger and hooks for our step ladder and we’ve got every bit of wall space jammed packed!
We continued our beautiful molding {designed by my hubby} into the laundry room.  And added a lovely light turquoise wall color with tan ceiling colors to beautify.  To be totally honest though, the storage and organization is what makes my heart sing!  Now if we could get the rest of the house organized 😉
I’d love for you to come over and visit my blog!  I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂




  1. Love these ideas. How do the laundry baskets hang on the wall? I don’t understand how you have them attached? This might be what I’ve been looking for to make my recycling bins go vertical!


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