Guest Judges of the Week{Craft Ladies}

It is another crafty week here at The CSI Project and it is also Thanksgiving! I am grateful to have our guest judges this week because they make crafting fun and are sure to inspire. These ladies know a thing or two about crafting and they know even more about wine. It is true.

These ladies are funny, entertaining and you can watch them craft because they have their own Youtube channel that you can watch their webisodes every Tuesday Night. They even do a separate show with commentary so you can get to know them behind the scenes, so to speak.

Meet Karen and Jane{AkA The Craft Ladies, AKA Tiffany and Lauren}


LAUREN DE LONG knew she was a crafter from a very young age. True, her first sewing project was a dress made using a stapler, glue and left over fabric but Craft Ladies use what they can!!! To support her crafting habits Lauren took to the stage. She spent a year in New York as a memeber of the Mosaic Acting Ensemble and enjoys working in Los Angeles on features and commercials. You can see her in The Retrievers, with Betty White and she recently appeared as Brenda Russo on CSI: New York. Lauren’s favorite projects on DVD include 99 Pieces, Nite Tales (hosted by Flavor Flav), and The Humdrummer.

TIFFANY ANNE PRICE originally started crafting in girl scouts in Phoenix, AZ. She comes from a very crafty mom that made all her clothes growing up and still has the sewing machine that made them. Her lifelong dream of being on a sitcom brought her to Los Angeles where she attended iOWest, Groundlings, and UCB. She did a brief stint of standup at the Comedy Store which led to her writing an hour long one woman show called “Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a side of crazy!).” She is currently performing her show all over and most recently was nominated for BEST ONE PERSON SHOW in the Hollywood Fringe Festival as well as named BEST OF FRINGE with a show extension.

Here is more about these ladies real crafting life:

 Real life Craft Ladies, Tiffany Anne Price and Lauren De Long, have both been crafting from a very young age. They met 3 years ago in a business of acting class and have been meeting every Friday at 8AM since then to work on their favorite craft, acting. Over the years these ladies formed a friendship and they were delighted to find they each have a real craft streak. Tiffany loves decorating her home, knitting and someday making catnip toys for her cats. Lauren is a domestic goddess who loves to cook, bake and decorate too. The story of Craft Ladies was born when Tiffany and Lauren both wanted to make curtains for their homes. Realizing they are much better actors and writers then they will ever be as crafters they poured their efforts into creating a world where they could do both at the same time. Tiffany and Lauren are fixtures at their local Michaels. They love learning all about new crafts and appreciate amazing crafters! Watch the Craft Ladies every Tuesday for a good laugh and don’t forget your wine.

I think these ladies and so funny, so crafty and so entertaining. You will love watching them craft and of course you will be inspired by them. The CSI Project loves these ladies because they live out our mission to Create.Share.Inspire. I also love that they support great charities. In October for breast cancer awareness they held a craft event called Craft for the Cure. They are currently supporting, Abuse,  and Incest National Network). I love that they use their crafting to support and reach out to others in need.

It is kind of like what we do with Giraffe Grins, our very own CSI Charity. We have so much in common and my dream is to one day craft with these ladies. Hmm, maybe a Giraffe Grins event or just a craft day. Even a guest spot on their show. EEEK!

See my excitement!

Ok, I am done. Ahem-back to the business at hand. You know I get carried away!

This week be sure to connect with The Craft Ladies! I know they would love to hear from you and say hi! Follow them so you can watch their craft shows and you will be inspired to craft and even inspired to pick a great wine, if that is your kind of thing!

Get to know them, bribe them if you want because as you know they will be visiting your blogs and making those hard picks this week!

Here are all the ways you can connect with them:

Twitter: @2CraftLadies

A special Thank you to Tiffany and Lauren{AKA Craft Ladies} for being our special guest judges for the Thanksgiving, Food and Gratitude challenge. Welcome to The CSI Project and this week you are honorary CSI Girls!

Go by and give these ladies a BIG CSI Welcome!

Tomorrow we kick off the craft fun with a Thanksgiving craft tutorial!

Come on back!



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