Challenge of the Week{It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas}

Welcome back to another crafty week here at The CSI Project. This week will be a bit different because anything for Christmas goes.

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You can share your christmas tree, or holiday decor. You can share a Christmas craft or how to make a wreath. Anything goes! You can even share a favorite christmas tradition or memory. You can share your Elf on the Shelf adventures too.

Meet Muffin, the elf we adopted this year.

Can’t wait to see what she will be up to this holiday season. Like I said,  It all counts this week.

This is a wonderful time of year. You can feel the magic in the air as people shop and take some time to really enjoy themselves and their families. You can walk into homes that are lit up with lights and feel at peace. You can also reach out and help a family who may be struggling. You can reach out and help a friend who may be struggling missing family or loved ones they have lost. You may not even know someone is struggling but if you really pay attention, you just might find ways to help.

I have a friend whose son passed away a year ago and so this year they will face their second Christmas without that sweet baby. We miss you, baby Chase. You will never be forgotten.

Years ago, I found myself being rushed to the ER on Christmas Eve and I lost my child as well early Christmas day. The years have passed but the memory is still there and not a single Christmas has passed that I don’t remember that day and the pain that went with it. I still remember the hearing what no one ever wants to hear.

Baby Chase reminds me to keep fulfilling the mission of Giraffe Grins to help bring joy and grins to children in hospitals now and throughout the year.

Join me and all of the GG Affiliates around the country to spread the grins this holiday season. You can read more here and found out how to help.

The Christmas season is a magical one. I love this time of year because although it once brought sadness, I can think back on my childhood Christmas’s and smile. I can look back over the years and the years to come and smile. I can look into a child’s eyes and see the excitement of Christmas all over again. One thing that has been the same throughout the years and will always be, is the true reason we celebrate. I believe a true gift of love was given to all of us in a lowly manger in Bethlehem.

Whatever you may believe…..believe it and celebrate it with all your heart!

Where ever you may be this Christmas season. Whether you are covered in snow……….

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…………………Or in tropical climate celebrating.

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…………….Or anything in between.

Come on by this week and let’s celebrate the season with crafts, food, DIY Decor and even share your traditions.

I cannot wait to see what you have crafted up for this Christmas season so far . It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I want to see!

What will you link up this week?

As always this week we will have 3 awesome tutorials for you and then the challenge is on. You know what to do!

As always, here is the schedule for the week!


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