Guest Judge of the Week{YOU}

This has been a fun, craft year at The CSI Project. We have had so many great tutorials and have featured so many awesome projects. With each challenge, YOU stepped it up and “wow” us all!

YOU -crafters, creative DIYer’s are what make The CSI Project great!

Each week I give you a craft challenge and every week you amaze me. You fulfill the mission of the blog to Create.Share and Inspire!

So, this week YOU are the judges. You can vote on your favorite projects and pick the winners!


Uncle Sam has it right! We want YOU to pick the winners this week.

You can create, share and then inspire others but not only that- YOU can exercise your right to VOTE!

This holiday season, I am so grateful for all of you who come over every week and participate in these fun challenges. We can inspire one another and your prove that week in and week out.

Thank you for inspiring me!

Come on back starting Thursday for your chance to vote!

Remember as we count down to Christmas, to take time to love the ones around you, hold them tight and take in the true meaning behind this holiday season. Remember to have a holly, jolly good time too!!!!

Merry Christmas from your holly, jolly CSI Girl!



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