Winners of the Organization Challenge

This was a fun week and I was so inspired your Organization Projects.   You really know how  to organize and I am quite jealous. I am also honored that you came to The CSI Project to share your projects. The creativity is amazing!

  Be sure to go through the links and find some inspiration for yourself.

Our guest judge, Jessi from Practically Functional had the most difficult job picking the winners. I think she did a fantastic job though!


She had the hard task of selecting the winners, so let’s see how she did. Here is what she said about her judging experience.

I had SUCH a fun time judging this week’s Organization contest, but oh my gosh was it ever hard to choose! Every project linked up was a brilliant idea, and I’m super excited because now I have a great list of organization projects to tackle in my own home!

Judges comments in bold.

And the winners are……drum roll, please…

#26  Entry / Mudroom Organization from Our Family Journey
I totally love this entryway! It’s full of useful things, but it isn’t cluttered or disorganized. They have everything they need, and everything has a place. Awesome!


#25 – Drawer Magazine Holder from JosieJones & Co.
What a great way to repurpose a drawer! We have two old drawers that our kitties use as beds right now, but maybe I’ll steal one back from them and use it for magazines instead. How fun!
#27 – Craft Room Organizing from Fancy Frugal Life
She made the best use of this little space! I cannot even believe it; she has all her craft supplies within reach, a great table to work on, and even some natural light coming in through the doors! Perfect!
#32 Key And Sunglasses Organization from The Thinking Closet
Rustic Key & Sunglasses Holder via The Thinking Closet
This is the perfect organization project: simple to do, super cute, and totally functional! I have my keys hanging by the door now, but my sunglasses live in my purse. This would be SO much better!
#14 Crates To Store Drinks from Bear, Dolly and Moi
These crates are not only a totally functional way to store drinks (much better than those flimsy cardboard boxes that soda cans come in), but they’re super adorable too!
#23- Jewelry Organizer from Crafting In The Rain
My jewelry is hidden away in a box right now, which is not nearly as pretty or useful as this! If I had my jewelry out on display like this I might actually remember to wear it sometimes!
#4 – Organized Pantry from De Jong Dream House
This pantry is amazing! I love how everything has a place in either a bin or a basket with a label on it; they even have a whiteboard on the outside of the freezer to keep track of what’s inside!
#8  Laundry Room Overhaul from Fly Away Home
I love the idea of building cabinets and shelves in above a washer and dryer so that you can get stuff organized, but also hide it from view. And the shallow shelves built into the wall are the perfect place to keep laundry supplies!
#19  $24 Storage Shelving Solution from The Real Thing with the Coake Family
This is the perfect way to store toys! They’re easily accessible and still visible, but out of the way and off the floor. Plus those hanging rods beneath the shelves are all sorts of useful!
#22  Kitchen Storage Shelves from Condo Blues
This is a such a great way to store stuff under your sink and prevent it from getting wet! I have definitely had an entire box of dishwasher soap clump up on me before from getting wet, but these shelves would prevent that!
#6 Fridge Picture Gallery from A Diamond In The Stuff
Tons of people have photos on their fridge, but my photos are certainly not this organized! And she’s got a calendar right in the middle, how useful is that?!

#31 Menu Planning from The Thinking Closet

The Menu Planner to Rule Them All via The Thinking Closet

I love this and I cannot imagine the time it took to create this. Bravo!!! This is cute, amazing and so useful. I bow to you, crafty lady!!!

Congratulations to all of the CSI winners. Be sure to go grab your button here and proudly display on your blog.

You have earned it!

Thank you to Jessi from Practically Functional for being this week’s guest judge and making those incredibly difficult picks. Being a judge is not an easy gig. Be sure to go by and visit her blog!

Be sure to come back next week for the start of “Love is in the Air” month!

This is sure to be a great week!

Come back next week for even more inspiration!!!


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