Threaded Valentine Tins{Northshore Days}

Hey Everyone,
I’m Natalie and I blog over at NorthShore Days.
I am the lucky mum of 3 lovely and sometimes downright naughty kids. I’ve been married to my Sean for 14 years and we live on the beautiful NorthShore in Auckland, New Zealand.
I’m so excited to be here at the CSI Project sagain
Today I’m going to share my Threaded Valentine Tins. So surprisingly easy to create. I hope you love them….


My first Valentines project…finally!
I saw this pierced and threaded project on Pinterest and tracked it down to Recyclart. So cute – I loved the concept and decided to give it a go.
First off, in my excitement to complete these tins, I forgot to photograph the last few steps. Sorry ….
What you need:
A Tin (I like the pull tab lids, it keeps the edges neat and safer)
A hammer and screwdriver,
Paint, thread or twine and a large needle.
What to do:
1. Fill the tin with cold water and set in the freezer – this will help keep the shape of the tin.
2. Once the water is frozen, draw your heart onto the tin – I used a sharpie.
3. Carefully turn the tin on its side on a level surface and using the hammer and screwdriver – make the holes.
4. Dry the tin out and paint. I painted the inside of the heart just for fun. 
5. I like the distressed look – so I gently sanded in places  
6. Thread the needle and “sew” the heart shape. I ended off with a little bow. 
Adorable, don’t you think?
 These cute tins would look awesome in the craft room with pencils or paintbrushes stored in them

I love how my candles fit so perfectly though…so they have become my candle holders for now!


Take care everyone,



  1. You know I love these! So very adorable! Nice job Natalie!

  2. Great tutorial, Nat! I always wanted to know how this was done. It’s really versatile and easy to do for any holiday or just everyday use. Love it as a pencil and pen holder!!!


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