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March 30, 2013
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April 2, 2013

Challenge of the Week{Recycle and Upcycle}

Welcome back to The CSI Project! This week we are Going Green! We are talking and creating by recycling and upcycling. I found a blog that does just that and shares their “green” projects with you.

This site gives you advice on how to reuse items. There is even a way to swap your craft supplies. What a great idea!

One of things I love to recycle with is old maps. These are so pretty and provides a vintage look.

At Crafting a Green World, there is a post with many creations using these old maps.

Create Map envelopes

Decoupage a map on furniture.

Upcycle Maps

Map Bunting or Wreath

Upcycle Maps

You can see all of these projects by visiting, Crafting a Green World.

When you upcycle or recycle, you can create a one of a kind creation that will have people asking, “Where did you buy that and how can I get one?”

So much inspiration!!! Be here this week for tutorials and be sure to link up and show off your Recycle and Upcycle Projects.

What will you link up this week?

As always, the challenge is on. You know what to do!

Come on over this week and share your Recycle and Upcycle Projects. If you made it, created it, painted it, then link it up!

As always, here is the schedule for the week!

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  1. Ana says:

    Such great ideas, thanks for sharing 🙂

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