Challenge of the Week{The Sewing Challenge}

It is a new week and that means one thing, we have a new challenge for you! How about a sewing challenge?

Dust off that sewing machine and get to creating! Some of you sew all the time so this one will be more of a challenge of what you will link up. Remember, you can link up to 3 projects up, so have fun showing off!

This challenge is the perfect way to remind you or to tell you about the official CSI Project charity, Giraffe Grins.

After spending some time in a children’s hospital as a child, all I really remember is the all white room and the BIG colorful giraffe painting on the wall. It brought a smile to my face during a hard time. Now, as an adult I want to bring smiles to the children who find themselves in the hospital today.

fabric    Sewing for a smile

We currently have 8 GG affiliates around the country who sew bright and cheerful pillowcases for kids all over the country. Each one delivers to their local children’s hospital. I am so humbled that I have found so many wonderful women to help me spread the grins, Giraffe Grins that is!

If you would like to partner up with Giraffe Grins and participate, here is how:

I know these pillowcases make a difference to children and their families as they go through a hard trial in their lives.

I can honestly say that, knowing that the BIG colorful giraffe made my hospital stay better.

I believe in the principles that this blog was inspired by and I believe that we can live our lives with the same motto to

Create, Share and Inspire.

I would even add to serve one another to that and YOU can serve those around you or even brighten a child’s hospital room from far away.

You can do this by partnering with, The CSI Project and Giraffe Grins.

Please, email me at [email protected] to get the address to ship your fabric or finished pillowcases.

Our wish list:

~ Tags to go inside the pillow cases that say “Giraffe Grins”

~ Kid friendly fabric doantions

We are always accepting donations and affiliates. Just ask me how!

 Be here this week for tutorials and be sure to link up and show off your very own sewing projects!

What will you link up this week?

As always, the challenge is on. You know what to do!

Come on over this week and share your sewing projects! If you sewed it, quilted it or create it, then link it up!

As always, here is the schedule for the week!

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