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The Silly Pearl

I enjoy pretty much all kinds of crafts, but sewing is my first love. I am excited to share with you how I made this Easy Lined Drawstring Bag. I love this bag because the lining peeks out at the top while also serving as the casing for the drawstring.

Easy Lined Drawstring Bag - The Silly Pearl

Here’s what I used to make my drawstring bag:

  • Four rectangular pieces of fabric, cut to size. You can make it as large or as small as you like. Cut two of one fabric for the outside of the bag, and two of another contrasting fabric for the lining.

  • Applique (optional). This was a screen print of a vintage dress form from The Graphics Fairy; a fusible paper-backed webbing was used to adhere the applique to the bag.

  • 1/4-inch wide ribbon. Length needed is based on the width of your bag. Double that and add some length at the end.

  • Iron and ironing board, sewing machine and thread.

  • Note: unless otherwise noted, use a 5/8” seam allowance, and back stitch all seams.

If you are going to decorate the outside of your bag such as with an applique, do this first. Choose one of the rectangular pieces that will be on the outside. Place it where you’d like, making sure you leave room for the seam allowance if it’s towards any of the seams. Following the product instructions, fuse the applique to the fabric. If you’re stenciling, this would be a good time to do this too (so you don’t have to worry about paint bleeding through to the lining later). Hmm what else could you do…hand or machine embroidery, sew a pocket, add a ruffle, whatever you like!


Next, sew the outside fabrics right sides together along the sides and bottom. If you have embellished the outside, make sure they are facing the right direction! Also sew the sides and bottom of the lining fabrics. You now have two bags. Then, turn the outside fabric “bag” right side out and keep the lining inside out. Stuff the outside fabric bag into the lining so that their right sides are facing each other, matching the side seams.


Pin the top seams of the two bags together, leaving a 3-inch turning hole Again, make sure the side seams are matching. Sew along the top, starting and stopping at the turning hole. (Note: sorry this is different fabric! Just grabbing this pic from another lined bag tutorial of mine!).



Pull the bag right side out through the turning hole and then stuff the lining into the bag. Press the top seam flat.


Then, fold the top down about an inch. This will be your casing for the drawstring.


Take your ribbon and fold it in half. The opening in the casing will be at one of the side seams. Open up the fold you just ironed and insert half the ribbon flat into the fold, pushing it as far in as you can.


Pin down the casing and ribbon to keep everything in place (though you don’t want to sew on top of the ribbon). Pin it all the way around the bag, leaving a length of ribbon equally on either end dangling out by one of the side seams (see the pic in the next step). And in the pic below, you can see the turning hole opening. You’ll sew that shut in the next few steps.


Measure about 1/2 inch on either side of the side seam. This will be your start/stop point for sewing.


Starting and stopping at the casing hole you just marked, sew down the casing along the edge, catching the turning hole and sewing it closed in the process. In the pic below, I’m at the stopping point, having already sewn down the casing all the way around.


Here’s the casing opening i.e. where the ribbon will dangle out. As mentioned, it is 1/2 an inch on either side of the seams. Pretend you don’t notice the two teal fabrics aren’t the same (doing Jedi mind tricks on you right now).


Pull open your bag so it’s fully open and tie a knot at the casing opening. Then tie the two ends together about an inch from the end. Fill it with presents or your current knitting project or your kiddo’s favorite toys or whatever you like!

The Silly Pearl - Easy Lined Drawstring Bag

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The Silly Pearl


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