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July 7, 2013
Time to Link Up for the Spray Paint Galore Challenge
July 10, 2013

Flower Pot Bird Bath{The CSI Girl}

Hi there and welcome back to The CSI Project!

I am your crafty CSI Girl.


It is the Spray Paint Galore Challenge this week and I am excited about it. I love spray paint and how it transforms everything it touches.

That includes plain terra cotta flower pots.

For the CSI house, we wanted to make our own DIY bird bath. We used 3 flower pots, spray paint, acrylic paint and a super strong glue to create it. This is a great kids craft where they can get creative by designing their bird bath.


paint kid craft     DIY Bird Bath




We started with clay flower pots of 3 different sizes. Then, we spray painted them yellow. Bright, of course!


paint kid craft     DIY Bird Bath


Now, the real fun began. With the help of  the 9 year old CSI kid. we started painting on our design. So many decisions to make like stripes, polka dots or flowers. Why not butterflies?


paint kid craft     DIY Bird Bath


For the actual bird bath part we wanted to welcome the birds.


paint kid craft     DIY Bird Bath


Just use a strong glue and stack. Then glue. Easy and cute!


paint kid craft     DIY Bird Bath


paint kid craft     DIY Bird Bath


From plain to bright and cheerful yellow and all done by using spray paint. We love it!

What have you turned from plain to FAB by using spray paint?

Share it with us!

Always remember to Create.Share and Inspire!

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  1. lana says:

    Loveallyourprojects. The bird bath is so awesome and cute. Looks and a lot cheaper than the ones you buy.

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