Challenge of the Week{Thrift Store Turnarounds}
August 10, 2013
Modern Twist on Southwest{The CSI Girl}
August 12, 2013

Guest Judge of the Week{Minettes Maze}

It is another crafty week and that means we have another crafty guest judge for you.

This week we welcome a junkin, garage sale and thrift store searching kind of lady and she is crafty, creative and fun!

She is perfect for the job of guest judge this week.

Meet Shelly.


She is also a mother of 2 boys and a new wife to Mr. Minettes Maze. I don’t know his real name so we will lovingly give him a pet name.

You want to see what this lovely lady has been up to?

Well, go by her blog every day…all the time. You know how to do it!

What I love about Shelly is her spirit to rescue old, discarded pieces.

Isn’t this rescued wood beautiful?

She created this for her home.

And look at these thrift store mirrors.

 Love the colors!

While searching her blog, I came across this Pallet Board Serving Tray.

Love it!

I hope you love Shelly and her blog, Minettes Maze as much as I do.

I also hope you go over and follow this crafty, creative lovely lady!

Here are all of the ways you can:


Blog Lovin:


Go by and give Shelly a  big CSi welcome and follow her!

And hey a little bribery doesn’t hurt with our guest judges!


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  1. I am SOOO EXCITED to be judging this week!!!! And I can’t wait to see all the Thrift Store Turnarounds!!!!

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