Lessons learned from The Bachelor{that show on ABC, yes that one!}

I admit it and I am not ashamed.

Ever since 2002, I have watched every season of the Bachelor except for 2 and I don’t remember why but I have been there for all of the tears, roses and awkward group dates.

I have also seen every season of

Hello 25 men to choose from!!!

Over the years of my Bachelor and Bachelorette watching I have learned some life lessons and some Love lessons. Yes, you can learn lessons even from a show that puts 25 women or men in a mansion and makes them date the same person.

Is that weird and unconventional?

Yes. Yes it is but that is why watch. We love the drama because as one of my friends said so brilliantly, “Let’s watch this and be thankful we don’t have that kind of drama in our lives.”

For me, it has always been the LOVE aspect of the show that has drawn me to it. I am a sucker for love.

Can 2 people fall in love in just a month and get married?

I believe so. It has happened to me and it’s an amazing thing!

But I didn’t have cameras following me or dates on a private plane or traveling the world.

It was just regular life with a lot of laughter, love and peaceful knowing you found your best friend.

We never know the future and we can’t predict how our lives will turn our but I don’t know anyone who regrets following their heart.

I don’t because the lessons learned are valuable and that is life. Learning and growing. They make me who I am.

So, even though you may think this show is so far from reality (which is ironic because it is called reality tv), I want to share with you love lessons I have learned from watching the show.

The REAL love lessons from watching The Bachelor.

Lesson #1: Even though you may be tempted, don’t fall for the bad boy.

This lesson comes from The Bachelorette.

They can charm you and if you take them home they will also charm your mama. They know the right words to say and when to say them but will they be with you for the long haul?

There have been the bad boys on the show and they eventually show their true colors and America loves to hate them. What makes these men appealing?

Well, I think women like the idea of “fixing” their mate, but in reality, you can’t “fix” anyone. People will be who they are and never think you will change someone after you are married. That is never going to happen. Accepting the person you love for who they truly are is the only way to go.

It is not by accident that these “bad boys” never make it to the final rose. Just sayin’!

Lesson #2 Always Date for the Right Reasons and find someone with the same intentions

Every season it never fails. There is a guy or girl that people accuse of not being there for the “Right” reasons. Then, someone becomes the spokesperson for the group and they proceed to tell the bachelor or bachelorette all about it.

This usually back fires, by the way, for the person who is the tattle tale, but nevertheless there is a lesson to learn here.

When you start dating, decide what your intentions are. Do you want to get married or just date?

What kind of person are you looking for and don’t settle for anything less.

Also, in marriage, I think that it is beneficial to also have the same intentions.

Do you want to start a family? Where do you want to live? What role does family play?

How will you spend your money and who makes the money?

Knowing your plan will help you get through the tough times that will come.

Lesson #3: Find new things to experience together

I am all for this but on every season there is the adventure date like bungee jumping.

Um…no. That would not be for me but I agree with the whole sentiment behind it.

Find new things to experience together that is special to the both of you. Be creative when planning dates. You don’t always have to do the dinner and a movie date and you don’t need a ton of money to pull it off.

In marriage, this lesson is a BIG one. Never stop exploring new things together and never stop dating.

I have never been a good hiker but with Mr. CSI, I love to go hiking. For me, I had to go out of my comfort zone and experience something “new”.


Taken on our last hike. I look happy at least.

I say we hike but really it is him hiking and me hanging onto him for dear life because I am afraid to fall.

But that counts.

Lesson #4: If you are upset, don’t cry it out in a bathroom. Talk out your issues.

This always happens. Every season, different girl, same story. I can’t be critical because I haven’t always been known to talk out my issues. It isn’t like me to do that but over the years I realize I must. I am a private, reserved person and talking out my issues isn’t comfortable for me. I don’t go around telling everyone how I am feeling. Instead, I put on a brave face but then one day all of that comes out like an exploding volcano. It will happen.

So, talk out your issues, your hurts, your mistakes with the one you love. I know that now and I take the time to do it. If your mate is truly your best friend, your safe harbor, then the fear of rejection shouldn’t be there. Work through it. Mr. CSI has taught me that and he is my safe harbor.

But if you do find yourself crying in the bathroom, then just be thankful there aren’t cameras following you and showing the world.

Seriously, this just happened on this week’s episode.

Lesson #5: Never Judge other people’s relationship

I will start this with we shouldn’t anybody at all, right? But we really shouldn’t judge who other people love.

Every season, my friends and I sit around and we judge who the Bachelor or Bachelorette picks and who they don’t. I admit it. We like who we like and we cheer for a certain guy or girl to win because at the end of the day it is still just a reality TV show.

We say things like, “They will break up soon. Wait for it!”

And because we know the history of the Bachelor, this will most likely happen but who are we to judge?

 I think it is normal for us though to say things like “I just don’t think they are right for each other” or they don’t “fit” well with each other.

The truth is we don’t know what hearts feel and we don’t know what connections are made between 2 people. I try very hard to be aware of this and not to do this in my personal life because I know that it hurts. I have felt this judgement in my own life. We never know what goes on behind close doors or how people live in the privacy of their own homes so judging them won’t do anyone any good. Not just judging but also gossiping goes along with this.

Both wrong!

Most of us-ok all of us except for the people who are on this show, won’t fall in love this way. That is something we should be thankful for because really these people live in a reality show bubble that is filled with drama, emotional roller coasters and when that bubble is removed only the “true lovers” will prevail. There have been some couples
{Trista and Ryan}

{JP and Ashley}

{Molly and Jason}

and soon {Sean and Catherine}.

But for most of the house guests that fill that mansion with the beautiful roses in the front, love doesn’t happen but there are lessons that all of us loyal viewers can take from it.

On Monday nights you can find me and my friends in front of the tv with Mr. CSI making his famous popcorn and waiting on our every need. He is kind of fabulous that way! This season it is all about Juan Pablo and yes, I kinda love him!

Don’t worry Mr. CSI knows all about it!!!!

Carry on Juan Pablo! This crafty girl supports your quest for love!

PS Did I really just write a whole blog post about love lessons from The Bachelor?


Yes, apparently I did.

And what does it have to do with crafting?

Nothing. But there is nothing wrong with that!

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