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One reason why I love Valentine’s Day is because it truly is an opportunity to create and give handmade gifts.

Maybe it goes back to elementary school and making your mailboxes out of shoe boxes. Or making the paper hearts.

Those were the days!

When you would check your mailbox at the end of the day at school.

I am glad I didn’t go to school with Taylor Swift.

It would have gone something like this.

Then, she will write a song about it.

I tease.

But I don’t tease about how much I love my Valentine. He is pretty great!


When it comes to making a Valentine for him, I try to keep it simple and unique.

So, I took a blank canvas and looked through the stacks of magazines that I have.

Geez, I am a hoarder but it comes in handy.


I also used tiny canvas’s that you can find at Michael’s. So cute!


I just cut out words that reminded me of him and love!


With just a little glue, magazines, scissors and some paint YOU can create a one of a kind Valentine

for your Valentine!

Just like the good ole’ days!

Speaking of the good ole’ days,

Remember these?

The good ol days

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! Make it a good one!

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