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June 1, 2014
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Be YOU tiful Summer Sign


This time of year you attend graduations, proms and the end of school. This time of year reminds me of the last few days of school when you are scrambling to get your yearbook signed. This makes me laugh because when I look back on my high school yearbook,  I love the ones that say, “Never change.” “Stay cool.”

Typical. But one caught my attention.

“Stay beautiful and true to who you are. You are unique and I like that about you.”

 Maybe I was always my own person. Unique in a way because I didn’t follow the crowd or try too hard to fit in. I didn’t buy clothes just to fit in. I wore what I wanted.

I was just me and that was enough.

This got me thinking that being just YOU and true to yourself is good enough and that is one message I would love to pass on to the CSI kids.

This project started out as a summer project but then I added my own message. At first, I just loved these wood glasses that I found at Michael’s. They looked like sunglasses so I decided to paint them ombre style. But then, I decided one of them needs to be unique, different but beautiful.


There it is. One of these yellow glasses is different. One is full of personality.

Reminds me to be YOU. Being YOU is beautiful!

Be YOU tiful


This is a piece of wood that I got at Michael’s so to get it to stand up so I can out on my buffet, I took a cheap Dollar Store frame and tore off the back. Then, glued it on the back of the wood. Now, it stands up like a frame.

I found a place on my buffet. All decorated for summer.


So, if I were to sign your yearbook, I would say,

“Never change. Be who you are. No one else can be you, so be the best YOU.

Be YOU tiful!”

Leave your blog link if you have one and I will leave you a message just like that. It’s our version of a yearbook.

And if you need a reminder, I hope this simple wood sign helps you to remember to have courage to always be yourself.

Have a great and joyous week!

Always remember to Create. Share.Inspire!


  1. Michelle L says:

    Oh, so adorable, funny and sunny!

  2. I truly love this little sign. When I looked at it my first thought was “oh, this would look really cute on my new patio” — the colors are perfect…LOL. I started to chuckle when you talked about signing yearbooks because my son, who is in first grade, just today did yearbook signing in his class. 🙂 I love creating and it’s even more fun when I’m creating something for our home. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  3. Ginnie says:

    I love this idea:) I laugh every time I pull out my old yearbooks, too. That must be standard yearbook lingo;)

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