DIY Candy Jar
June 18, 2014
What you do isn’t silly!
June 24, 2014

Upcyled Ring Holder


If you are like me your favorite place to take off your ring is by the kitchen sink.

If your significant other is like Mr. CSI then he doesn’t get it and fears you losing that ring down the drain.

I get it. I get his concern so for some time I have been thinking of ways to create my very own ring holder,

This honey jar was my “aha” moment.


It is just cute and deserves to be in the kitchen,

So, just grab some spray paint and make this guy even cuter.


The lid/top to this guy makes the perfect ring holder.



Here it is on my kitchen counter.



I weighed him down with rocks on the inside so that he is stable and won’t be knocked over.

This prevents Mr. CSI from saying, ” I told you so.”

Upcycle, Reuse and Recycle. You just never know what you will create!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!

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