Cassette Tape Centerpiece

The 80’s called and they want their cassette tapes back!


When you host 80’s movie night at your home, why not decorate for it?

We have friends that we get together with to watch 80’s movies. For one night we relive the 80’s and enjoy the cheesy movies we once loved.

We also eat dinner and dessert so I figured a centerpiece was needed.


I made a trip to the Thrift store and bought several cassettes. They were .25 cents each. Can’t be that!

I also grabbed a Dollar Tree vase and flowers. I had everything at home so this project cost $1.

With a glue gun, I attached the cassettes to the glass vase.


I also added a cassette across the top and put the flowers in the holes of the cassette. It worked perfectly. I also added some to the sides to fill in.


Easy and fast!


If you ever find yourself throwing an 80’s party or 80’s Movie Night, then you will need these centerpieces. Thrift stores are a great resource for cassette tapes so no need to worry if you threw yours out years ago.

Take it from me. If you hear the 80’s calling…….Embrace it!


Oh and be sure to bring out your best 80’s attire.

side pony tail: check

leggings: check

cut off shirt with your husband’s high school football number on it:

Check, check!

Fun with friends and my love: Check, Check, Check!!!!!

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