One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift
July 21, 2014
Summer Fun Collaboration{Nap Time Creations}
July 30, 2014

Back To School Teacher Wreath

A wreath is perfect for all occasions.

I think every door needs door couture!

That means teachers!


The CSI kids don’t want to be reminded that school is starting but this baby will be on my door for our back to school dinner.

That frame is from Michaels and I love them! Many sizes and you can paint them any color!

Go get yours. Turns out they make great wreaths.



It is back to school time!

This year we have a Senior (EEK), a Freshman (EEK x2) and a very cute 5th grader!

Summer memories have been made so let’s be happy!

Look at the glass half full.

I know for our family that we had an awesome summer and an exciting fall is ahead of us!

We have birthdays to celebrate, fall break, Halloween and holidays! If you ask Mr. CSI, he would say and football is back in action!


Glass half full.

You can “Pin” this! Go ahead Pin this.

Seriously, pin this!!!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!


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