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September 30, 2014
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Halloween Fabric Wall Hanging

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So, you are walking through Hobby Lobby and you come across the fabric section.

Let’s take a moment of silence to recognize how awesome this story is already.


Ok, anyway back to the point of this post. There is a point, I promise.

You know how you see all of the fabric panels that someone on the Hobby Lobby staff has sewed as an example.

“Hey, you could make this and we are going to leave this here- oh look!

It is right by the fabric you need to make your own.”

Well played, Hobby Lobby.

I always notice these fabric wall hangings because I have been given two. One was made by my neighbor growing up. She was like a grandmother to me. She knew I loved angels and one Christmas she made a wall hanging that was shaped like  a Christmas tree. She included angel charms.

I love it and every Christmas I put it on my front door. That neighbor “Nana” may not be with us anymore but this handmade gift from her is treasured by me.

The next one I got was from a friend. She knew how much I love Nativity scenes and she made me one with the Nativity on it. It is a pretty blue and the picture on it is like a work of art.

This handmade gift always gets put on the wall, every Christmas. When I pull both of these out every year, I smile and remember the people who made them for me. What a gift!

There is no secret that I love homemade, handmade gifts and I love holidays. So, combine the two of them and I made one with the sole purpose of giving away.


Buy the panel and coordinating fabric for the back.

This one has cute pumpkins on the back.


First, cut out the front and back pieces. Then, you will need batting. Cut the batting to the right size.

Now, you are going to put the fabric pieces, right sides together with the batting on top.

Sew but leave one side open.


 After that you will flip inside out. Sew the side you left open and done!

There were some pumpkins on the side of the panel so I cut out and used the same technique to add them to the wall hanging. Adds texture.

wall hanging collage

Cut the pieces. Right sides together and batting on top. Then sew and flip.


I glued mine on. Glue Gun to the rescue!

If you are looking for an easy handmade gift to give, this is the one. Doesn’t take a lot of time but who knows. You just might be the reason someone smiles while taking out the decorations from year to year.

pinterest collage

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!

You never know when you will make someone smile!


  1. Barb V says:

    What a great project. I can do this!

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