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March 11, 2015
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March 16, 2015

Get Back Into The Game{Baseball Inspiration & Fashion}

baseball Dee7



baseball Dee 5


Baseball tee: Target

Floppy hat: Target

Boyfriend Jeans: Papaya

Heels: Fergalicious by Fergie/ DSW

Clutch: Charming Charlie

I grew up at the baseball fields. With a brother and cousin that played their entire lives I was drug there by my parents. I mean I supported them. All joking aside, baseball has been apart of my life even as an adult I worked for a major league baseball team and it fueled my passion for the game. It didn’t hurt that I worked for the team that had been my favorite my entire life.

This time of year, is spring training and living in Arizona I am close to where so many teams play. I always get so excited to go to several games and feel the anticipation of a new season. Even though I always had to get to the ballpark at the insane hour of 5 am on Opening Day to meet the media and do interviews, it was one of the most memorable days of my life. Nothing like standing on the pitchers mound in the dark before the sunrise looking around at all the empty seats that soon would be occupied by passionate fans. I can still hear the sounds of a crowd enjoying the game and the crack of a bat as a ball goes soaring into the field. Looking into the dugouts that would soon be filled with talented baseball players who still play the game just as passionately as they did as kids. In the stillness and darkness of that day before the chaos began, I would take it all in and realize I loved my job. I am so grateful for that job and the opportunities I had. I realized I  loved baseball and I learned that no matter what life throws us we have to get back in the game.

This year has been going by fast and I can’t believe it is March. Some of you may have made New Years Resolutions and by now you have tossed them aside. You may feel like a failure. I made a resolution to get up earlier and see the sunrise, have some quiet time. I admit that I have failed. It has happened but not as often as I have wanted.

This baseball season that is upon us, reminds me that we have to get back in the game. Renew our spirits and try, try again. Just like fans and players anticipate a new season of opportunities and triumphs, we can anticipate a new year with the same chances to succeed, fail, overcome and make changes.

Don’t give up and take yourself out of the game!

Get back in the game, work on those resolutions and good habits and never give up!

This year isn’t 1/3 over. Look at as a 1/3 full.

Full of opportunities.

Full of chances to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park!

How will you get back into the game we call life?

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