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March 23, 2015
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April 28, 2015

Denim Dreams{DIY Dream Catcher}

Follow your heart,

Capture your dreams,

Live life to the fullest!








I don’t like to throw out items that I think I can upcycle. So, when a pair of jeans went out of commission, I knew I could use the denim. I picked up a round wire planter for just a few bucks at Home Depot. Then, I picked up ribbon, lace and feathers. Anything that inspired me! I also cut out that pocket of the jeans to add to the dream catcher charm. You catch your dreams and keep them safe in your pocket. The wings represent that once you have sought out your dreams, lived them, then you are set free!

Creating a dream catcher was on my mind for a while and after an old pair of denim inspired me, I was on my way to creating something only imagined in my heart. That is why I craft. That is why I create. You dream it. You can certainly create it.

Always remember to Create.Share. Inspire!

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