Golden Snitch Push Up Cake Pops

When books starting coming out about a boy named Harry, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and friends Ron and Hermoine, I was hooked. I even ran around my town frantically to every library looking for the books as they were released. Adults don’t act that way-you say? Yes, yes they do for this cute wizard boy.

We watched him grow up, face his enemies and find his true self. Now, I am just sounding like a proud mama. Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you about a fun blog hop that I am a part of that is full of Harry Potter Wizarding awesomeness. From crafts, to parties and even food, you will be under a spell that only Harry Potter and his friends can put you under.

I was inspired by the game in the wizarding world that Harry Potter introduced us to.




Push Up pops are so fun for any party or just a fun way to snack. You can buy them at a party store or online.

I will make it easy for ya. Click the link below.

Push Up Pops

Now, that you have the push up pops, I will show you how to make a Golden Snitch treat.


You will also need:

– Gold Scrapbook paper ( I used DCWV paper found at Michael’s)

– Glitter ( I used Artminds found at Michael’s)

– Feathers

– Mod Podge

– Glue gun or tape

First, measure the push up pop and wrap paper around the container.


Now, you will need to create the wings. I took regular feathers and covered them in Mod Podge. Add glitter and let it dry. I also cut them because they were too long. Attach to the back.


Cake time!!!! Just add cake. I baked a regular boxed cake and just put in the container. Use another push up pop to stick into the cake. Also, this is the time you will insert the stick part of the push up pop.



Then, I layer with icing. Finishing up by topping with icing so that the first bite is extra yummy.

Easy, right?




Now, you have your very own Golden Snitch Push Up Cake Pops that are perfect for any Harry Potter inspired Celebration.

Be sure to go visit all of the wizarding awesomeness from all of the bloggers who have come together show off their Muggle style or their geeky style. I am lining up to be the first one to show my geeky Harry Potter lovin’, craftin’ style!

Who is with me?

I will share the link to all of the projects on Monday, 20th so stay tuned!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!


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