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October 23, 2015
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November 1, 2015

Halloween Out of Candy Sign

In my neighborhood, we get a ton of trick or treaters every year! I buy candy but it never fails that we run out. So, at that point you have options. Turn out your porch light or create a cute sign!

I guess you can imagine what choice I made.


I found the wood sign unfinished at Hobby Lobby. Also, I bought the small wood circles there. I just needed to paint and add my letters. You can also buy the letters at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.


Boo-gee along little trick or treaters!


We are out of candy!



Oh, that’s not Halloween. But I am sure there is a scrooge of Halloween.

Have a great Halloween, crafty friends! Hope its the right combination of spooky, creepy crawly and fun!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!



  1. Maria Montero says:

    Such a cute idea ?

  2. Sherrie Parks says:

    I’m going to copy your idea and make one of my own. Thanks!

  3. Barrie says:

    Such a nifty, creative idea!

  4. Dorothy Boucher says:

    what a cute idea 🙂 this is something I would do 🙂

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