Gratitude Table Runner Activity

Are you looking for a family tradition that would help you show gratitude this time of the year? Maybe something you can even do at dinner time. This Gratitude table runner is for you and so easy to create.


I took a table runner that I had in my kitchen. It was plain tan color. I am sure you can find one like it at any home decor store.

Then, I used felt to create turkeys.

Brown, red and orange


I just free handed it all. But there are patterns online.

Other supplies you may need are:

Googly eyes




Craft wood sticks

I used this kind.


I found mine at a craft store but you can also find online.

Link below

Loew Cornell 1021222 Woodsies Craft Sticks, 3-1/2-Inch, 750-Piece

Line up your turkeys and glue down but leave the top open.


I placed my sticks in just to make sure that I could make them look like a feather. Then, I glued down the sides a little more so that the sticks stay in better. Feather them out.



On the center stick, I wrote gratitude and have that one higher than the others.


For the other 4, each week until Thanksgiving, as a family pull one stick out and write 1 thing you are grateful for.

4 weeks and 4 sticks. One for each family member.

You can do this at dinner time and talk about what each other wrote as a family. Pick a night of the week and share your gratitude.



Another great thing about this table runner activity is that kids big and small can do it and they will love making their own turkey and writing on their sticks. Then, expressing their feelings of gratitude opens the door up for communication that is so important to do as a family.

Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. I think because it is just about family, love and being grateful. There aren’t many distractions that day other than food and if you are a member of my family, the Dallas Cowboys, but ultimately it is about time spent with those you love.

This time of the year is perfect for sharing what you love and what you are thankful for. The whole point of this season is to share, love and to give!

At The CSI Project, we live to create, to share and to inspire all year long but we won’t let this time of year pass us by without sharing even more!

We are grateful for you, dear readers!

Happy November!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!


I am a craft lovin', Diet coke drinkin' kind of girl! I love glitter and anything leopard print. My passions are crafting, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and of course my family. The CSI Project believes in the mission to Create, Share and Inspire. When you create and share, you are sure to inspire! Hope you come away from The CSI Project inspired and come back anytime!!!

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