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December 7, 2015
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December 17, 2015

Christmas Yarn Art

I love yarn!

I walk down the yarn aisle at the craft store and just look.

I don’t crochet or knit but I have some in my craft stash just because occasionally, I can use it to craft with.


I love the old fashioned look of Christmas lights. I remember these being on my house growing up. With paint, a canvas, 2 squares cut out of cardboard and yarn, I created a cute decoration for Christmas.

First, I drew on my lights and painted them.


Then, I added the yarn. I cut 2 squares out of cardboard and wrapped in yarn. Glued to the bottom of the light.


I just used my glue gun to add the yarn. Then, like a string of lights, I added yarn to the sides of the canvas and connecting the 2 lights.







When I craft with yarn, it makes me feel better about not being able to knit or crochet. Also, justifies the reason for buying pretty yarn that I can’t resist.

You just never know when you will use it!

Happy holidays and happy decorating!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    This is a great project for kids to do for sure. I love it. Going to make this with my girl today. Thanks for the inspiration.

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