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January 17, 2016
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Fabric Scrap Heart

It is February 1st and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Perfect time for Vanessa from DIY 180 to share her Fabric Scraps Heart. This is beyond adorable!

Here she is……….


Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Isn’t it lovely to see all the banners, glitter hearts and bright colors? I just can’t get enough of it and today I am wanting to share one of my easy and inexpensive wreath to make. If you are like me, you have tons of ribbon or fabric scraps lying around and you can’t seem to be able to use it all. Well, now you can.


Supplies you will need:

Ribbon or fabric scraps

Wire hanger (1 or 2)



Start out by shaping the wire hanger in a circle, making sure to smoothe out the hanger as best you can. (Note: Don’t untwist the hanger you want to keep it twisted and when you shape out your hanger just cut off the hook end)

Once you have your circle, place your thumbs at the top center part of the hanger, bend down the hanger and shape it into a heart. Next you want to cut your fabric scraps or ribbon into 8 in strips. Now for the fun part! Tie your ribbon all around the hanger till you get the desired fullness you love. If you are using different types of ribbons, like I did, make sure to alternate or not! Voila! You are done and the best part, it didn’t cost you much.


I used different types of ribbons and colors for this wreath. I added white, pink, ivory and red and I just love how it turned out. 



I used lace, fabric scraps and tulle for this project and it looks fabulous all mixed together. 

Valentine's day


Valentine's Day

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine’s Day.




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