Buffalo Chicken Wing Sandwich

The Super Bowl is all about football

or is it the commercials?

I can’t remember so let’s just talk about FOOD!

The eats! The Grub!


When feeding a lot of people, I think having “build your own” type of food is the way to go. It means less work for you and people have the freedom to add or eliminate what they want.

Easy and makes sense. So, this Buffalo Chicken Wing Sandwich is perfect for your Super Bowl party or just any party.

What to buy:


– Wing sauce (I chose Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce)

– Chicken (shred)

– Shredded lettuce

– Celery

– Coleslaw Dressing

– Bread


Choose whatever kind of bread you think your guests will like or have several kinds as choices.



I love to buy the already roasted chicken at my local grocery store. It is $7.99 and feeds quite a bit of people. It is also easy to shred.

After you shred it, add the wing sauce and toss to coat all of the chicken.


Now, build your sandwich. Layer it, girl!



You could drizzle with ranch dressing as well because that is traditionally with wings but I thought this coleslaw dressing would give a nice flavor.

And it is really good!

Experimenting with flavors and coming up with my own variations of recipes makes me feel like in another life I could have been a chef on the Food Network. Even if its just for 2 seconds, I can just imagine it!


The celery and lettuce give it a nice crunch with every bite.

(see what I did there……Food Network talk. Hold on…..I think they are calling me now……. no. It was the wrong number.)



I like to dip my sandwiches so add some of the Frank’s Wing Sauce on the side for dipping.


This sandwich is a great way to get your chicken wing fix without all of the mess on your fingers and your mouth.

I even ate this chicken with wing sauce in salad form. Topped it with coleslaw dressing. So, not eating bread? That is ok. Make it a salad.

What are you cooking this Super Bowl Sunday?

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