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May 13, 2016
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April 27, 2017

DIY Summer Swim Bag *under $10*


Summer is for swimming, no school and all about fun in the sun!

*The record stops*

Oh wait. That means wet swim suits, sunscreen and wet towels.

How will you carry all of that?

How about a DIY solution under $10?

Yes, Please!!!!


I took small plastic bags I found in the Target Dollar aisle. Also, 2 bigger bags. All plastic so that the wet swimsuits won’t hurt the bag.

Or say you are just by the pool and get splashed by a cannon ball and can’t move your bag in time after hearing the guilty party yell, “Cannon Ball.”

It is ok. No worries. Your bag is plastic. Water rolls right off!


First, I took the bigger sacks and hot glued them together. I glued on the side.

These will be your bigger pockets for items like towels.


I then cut off the handles of the smaller bags and put them in a pattern that I liked. Then, glued down with hot glue.

  • Note: You could also use Velcro so you can remove bags.


These are your smaller pockets for lotion, sunscreen, sunnies, etc.

Now, add a ribbon for the handle.

You are done!

Total cost: $6




Flip Flops: Check

Swim Suit: Check

Sunscreen: Check

Cute , DIY bag under $10: Check, Check!

Have a Swim-tastic FUN summer!!!!

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