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April 27, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Thrift Store Art Upcycle

One of my favorite finds at a thrift store is a good piece of art work. Most of the time they have great frames too and at a good price. Frames are expensive, ya’ll so try and find some at thrift stores.

Maybe you love the art you pick up but also want to add your creative touch, like words. It is every easy to do.

This was one I picked up. I love the frame it comes in and those flowers make me happy and think SPRING!

For this one, I cut out these letters. They are actually stickers. Then, traced them.

Add paint. Done!

I have to admit it was a little hard to paint on someone’s else’s beautiful work but I still feel I kept the artists integrity and creativity.

At the bottom of this painting it has the date 1971. I love that it is still being displayed and loved.

Even with my own personal touch.

Now that is wonderful!

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