Fall Art Upcycle

One of my favorite things to search for at a thrift store is original art. If it has a good frame then that is a bonus. You can paint those and give it new life. You can also paint over the original art or paint words on it. Sometimes I like parts of the painting and I can use that part for the words. In this painting, I loved the trees, colors and the branches of the trees.


First, I took regular stickers and added the words I wanted. Then, paint over the whole painting. I used white chalk paint

Now you can peel the stickers off exposing the original art.

Clean up the letters by painting around them.

For this painting, I wanted it to be fall inspired and go well with my fall decor. I had a styrofoam pumpkin from

The Dollar Tree

Cut it in half so I could hot glue it on canvas. Paint it. I used beige chalk paint.

I love the colors from the original art and how it blends in with my other fall decor.

I paid $1.99 for the original art. Had all the other supplies at home.

As you walk through the thrift store, let your mind wander and see items as something else. I love upcycling art because the original artist took the time to create and now it is alive again. Still inspiring!


This fall season, keep your art inspiring, you decorating beautiful and your heart wandering.

Remember to Create. Share. Inspire


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