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October 19, 2018
Easy Halloween Ghost DIY
October 22, 2018

Recycle Pumpkin DIY

Disclaimer: Obviously, I love craft tools and machines. I buy them and would even say yes if any company mailed me craft supplies. I always say yes and then share the deets with you *WINK WINK*, but part of my mission is to inspire anyone to craft no matter what circumstances or limitations that may have. Ok, carry on……..


One of the main reasons I love to share my creations is because I want to show you that crafting doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money. Anyone can craft and create.

Mom, dad, grandma, your favorite crazy aunt, your BFF……..Anyone!

As a craft blogger, I have fallen into the trap of thinking I needed all the new tools out there, the perfect home and endless amounts of money to create and then share with all of you. Heck, I even tried  to rent kids to craft with because kids crafts are a big search on Google.

It is just that- a trap because you know what, creating with what you have is all you need. You need passion, creativity and the courage to share. Even if you don’t have the new modern home with all of the new modern decor. My home is 12 years old and needs so many updates but I will share with ya’ll because it is my home where I create and love in. Where I share family memories and entertain my friends.

And that is all that matters. So, why am I ranting on about this, you may ask. Because this craft is taking something that was headed for the trash and turning it into fall decor with just a few materials that I had in my home. No fancy craft tools needed!

You may see trash but I saw a pumpkin.

You need:

– Paint

– Floral Wire


-Odds and ends like fake leaves, a wood topper

I liked it like this and even thought it looked cute with my lil’ ghost, but then I found a wood topper thing in my craft room.

Boom! It is a stem. Pumpkins need stems.

So, let’s back up. First, I painted it. Then, I added floral wire for curly Q’s.

Use a paint brush or pencil to wrap wire and then gently pull out.

I added cute ribbon. Add glue to keep it on good. Then, my wood top.

You can open it up and put stuff in it or just leave it out for decoration.


If you have the desire to create an original, one of a kind because you MADE it kind of craft, then keep your eyes open. Absolutely go to craft stores-like ALOT but don’t feel the pressure to buy the expensive machines or tools if you don’t want to. Just be open to creating with what you got and doing what makes you happy. I know what it is like to peruse the craft blogs, Pinterest and other sites and feel less than……..My house doesn’t look like that, or I don’t have the talent or craft tools-syndrome. Comparison steals your joy.



So, if you can see it-like I saw this Splenda container becoming a pumpkin-then you can create it!

Don’t believe me-just craft!

Keep your mind open, your creativity unleashed and create like no one is watching this Fall season and EVERY season!

Always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!

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