Thanksgiving Gratitude DIY

Everyday I am grateful for my country. For the freedom I have in my country.

Today I am grateful for my right to vote. Our voices will be heard by casting our ballets today. For me, it isn’t about party, or who promises more, it is about exercising my right and freedom to vote. The freedom that so many fought for especially women. I care about policies, healthcare and all of the other political issues, but TODAY it is about being an American and I am so grateful for the privilege to vote. In this country, I have the freedom to do what I love and share with all of you on this space in the blog-o-sphere. I have the freedom to create as I choose. Some countries don’t even allow bloggers to exist.

November is a month of gratitude and sharing what we are grateful for on Thanksgiving day. So, on November 6th, be grateful for your freedoms and voice your opinion.

Your VOTE does matter!

Your voice will be heard!

Vote and feel gratitude………..Oh and craft!

Back to our regular crafty goodness. I had bead board laying around and cut with a saw a pumpkin shape. With some wood pieces, I created a basket of sorts.

Wood pieces went on the side and bottom. Then, I added 2 small craft clothes pins. You can get these at any craft store. I glued them on  and added paper. Leave a pen near by as well.

Write what you are grateful for and then read them aloud at dinner.

I also added a mini chalkboard that I had from Pick Your Plum. 

How will you be counting your blessings this year?

Be creative and always be grateful!

Remember to get out and VOTE today

and always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!



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