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December 3, 2018
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December 5, 2018

Gift Sack Pillow DIY{No Sew}

Canvas gift bags are popular right now. I have seen many that say “Don’t open until the 25th” and some that can be personalized too. I love using them as gift bags but also they make easy DIY pillows.

At Target, in the bargain aisle, I found this one. That aisle gets me every time!

Can’t walk past it without looking. Then buying. It’s a trap people!!! But it is a good trap. If it is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

You need a filler. You can buy a pillow form or use Poly fil. You can find these at craft stores.


This is no sew which is my favorite and the easiest. Just gather tight and glue the top shut.

If you need a quick DIY that doesn’t cost a ton-THIS IS IT!

How cute is this gift sack!

They had others to choose from so make several for your couch. Grouped together would look so cute.

Another DIY idea would be to cut the sack and put in a frame. Cut the image you like. Maybe just the Santa.

Many crafter-tunities with these gift sacks!

crafter + opportunities= Crafter-tunities

Explore the crafter-tunities in your life!


Always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!

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