Stranger Things Ornament DIY

Stranger things may not seem like a Christmas show but it has Christmas theme things about it. Christmas lights galore!

If you have a fan of the show in your family or need a DIY ornament idea and you happen to like this show, this is definitely for you!

I used a mason jar lid, a little fake snow just to add padding, twine and small items to embellish it.

First, glue on the fake snow(batting), then wrap twine. The theme of this ornament is the iconic scene of the show when there are letters on the walls and christmas lights. I strung small lights I had with twine and glued across. Then, added small wooden letters I had,

Simple DIY ornament without all of the Winona Ryder anxiety. She is a great actor in this show. She plays an anxiety driven mother very well and I love seeing her on TV again. But with this ornament throw out the anxiety and just create.

Stranger Things fans ENJOY! I love all of you to the under world and back!

Hehe, got to love Stranger Things humor or at least the attempt.


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