Valentine Sign Upcycle

Days go by and holidays turn into other holidays. Some people complain when stores go from one holiday to the next but not me. Holidays are kinda my jam! My brain shifts from Christmas to Valentine’s and as stores put Christmas on clearance my mind wonders how I can transform and make things work for Valentine decor. My biggest inspiration was wrapping paper that I had.

Simple red and white polka dots. Little by little, a Valentine vignette would emerge as well as accent colors to pair with the paper. Thanks to Christmas clearance I saw this cute sign for just $5 at a store called At Home.

The convertible pink car caught my attention. You could say I was cruisin’ into love with it! Ha!

After I got home, I pulled out some hearts I had, glittery hearts from Dollar Tree and my inspiring paper.

The blue on the sign inspired the turquoise color. I just glued on the hearts and added a heart to the front of the car like a hood ornament.

Considering I had most of the items already, I only paid for the original sign. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to transform and upcycle. Use what you have but some places to look for small holiday items are craft stores like Michael’s which is where I got the felt hearts years ago and Dollar Tree.

Play around with what works for you. There are no rules. Find your inspiration first and then let your mind wander.

This was just the start of my Valentine Vignette. Watch as I add more with more upcycle’s and using more Christmas clearance items.

Always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!


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