Dollar Tree Heart Wreath

If I could send Dollar Tree a love note this Valentine’s Day, I would. Maybe I would be like a secret admirer or not so secret but seriously, where else can you go and get what you need to make a wreath for a gift and spend $7?

I know someone that is healing after a couple of surgeries in one of those rehab living places, so I wanted to cheer her up with a wreath. I make her one for every holiday for her front door but now that she is in a rehab place, this one will hang in her room.

Dollar Tree has heart wreath forms but during Christmas I had bought of these candy cane ones but never used them. The heart wreath forms are smaller so I put these together using floral wire so that this wreath would be larger but if you can’t find these the heart forms work too.

I also picked up deco mesh from Dollar Tree and ribbon. Some people use pipe cleaners to attach the deco mesh but I didn’t have any so I used floral wire.

There are so many tutorials on how to create a wreath using deco mesh online. My best way to tell you how is create a poof with the mesh (meaning gather the mesh together) and tie to wreath form as you go. There really is no wrong way. Layer the deco mesh as you wish and fill up the form. I also tied on ribbon in certain places just to fill in and hide floral wire that you could see.

I also added rose bouquets from Dollar Tree and a lace ribbon I already had. The roses were too cute to resist so I knew I could use them somehow. I love the color combo of blue and pink. The pink heart in the middle also came from Dollar Tree.

I also saw some Valentine wood signs you could add in the middle. There is so much you could use and not spend a ton of money. All you need is some creativity and long walks down the aisle’s at Dollar Tree. I enjoy long walks……..

Ok, I am going to end this post, it is starting to sound like a personal ad to get Dollar Tree’s love and affection. That is just weird and awkward………I mean I love this store but I don’t love, LOVE them. That is just crazy! I assure you, I am not crazy. Or cray cray like the kids say.

Warning: Shopping and not spending a lot and then crafting may cause delirium. This blog is not responsible for that type of behavior but does, however, encourage creativity!

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