Fence Post Upcycle
January 16, 2019
“Gem” of a Valentine DIY
January 30, 2019

Thrift Store Art Upcycle

He loves me…..He loves me not……He loves me!

With the season of love coming up and the dreary January days coming to an end, this art upcycle combines a cure for them both. The pops of yellow in the flowers and the blue inspire the bright days to come.

When I found this art at Goodwill for $4, it looked like this.

Always look at the frames because most have good sturdy frames. You can always change what is on the inside. I loved the daisies in this one and imagined someone picking the petals off one at a time saying, “He loves me. He loves me not.”

You can use stickers or a stencil for the letters. I used stickers and laid out my words. Then, painted with chalk paint the entire canvas teal blue.

Peel off the stickers and you are done! I painted the entire frame white as well using chalk paint. I used the brand Folk Art. You can get it at Michael’s. It coats really well so it takes less coats of paint.

I love that you see some of the daisies and some of the green from the painting. With the bright blue, it really pops.

This is so easy to do. Find a painting you like and something that inspires you and make it your own. I love art and this is a great way to preserve someone’s hard work while upcycling it to make it fit your home.

The more I looked at it, the more I thought of how this thrift store art could inspire my mantel for this Valentine’s Day.

Look for something inspiring today!

Always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!

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