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March 10, 2019

Vintage Theater Seat Upcycle

Happy 1st day of spring!

This upcycle is perfect for today because it reminds me of what spring brings. A new beginning, clean and crisp. Taking something old and headed for the dumpster and making it new again. I found old theater seats and decided they need to be in my entry way. There were 4 but I only had room for 2 so I had to cut them. One of the seat tops was left so I also was able to create another upcycle. The seats are still under construction as well as the entry way wall.

It started out like this. Beautiful wood. I can’t decide if I want to keep the wood as is or paint with the same chalk paint.

I found the leaf metal wreath at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon. The chalk paint was from Folk Art.

I never saw myself as a farmhouse kind of decorator. I mean I love watching Joanna Gaines but it isn’t always my style. I love color but with a blank slate kind of house, I am loving the white, the vintage and this black and white ribbon made that light blue “POP”.

So, I hear you vintage theater seat. I see how beautiful you are. I will run with it but give farmhouse a more eclectic look. Throw in some modern in the mix with my vintage antiques.

It is out there now in the universe. This is my inspiration. Now do i paint the theater seats or not? Or clean up the existing wood? Hard decisions.

Exhausting. I need a break and a diet coke. It is ok though because it is officially spring!

Always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!


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