St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Wreath

This easy wreath is fun and inexpensive to create. I got all of my supplies at my local Dollar Tree. You will also need hot glue. You can use any St. Patrick’s Day sign and gold coins. I also found pretty green flowers with gold coins.

Pick up a styrofoam wreath form and cut in half. Also, my Dollar Tree had many colors of yarn that make the perfect rainbow. I also picked up aluminum sheet pans found in kitchen aisle. They are easy to cut so I drew a cloud on it before I cut out. Then, added my white poms. I found them in the craft aisle.

Create a puffy cloud. Also, I cut the wreath form into 2 pieces and glued together so it looks like a rainbow. Next, wrap the yarn around wreath form.

SO colorful and cheerful! Now, on one side glue on cloud and on the other I added gold coins. The pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow. I added pretty green flowers too.

I took apart one of the St. Patrick’s Day signs and used the welcome part. I just hot glued it on top of the wreath. Also, add ribbon on the back so you can hang it.

This wreath is so charming, fun and cheerful! Don’t forget to make this St. Patrick’s day FUN and share those pot o’gold coins with all who comes to your house!

Never forget to Create. Share. Inspire!

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