How it works

  1. All submissions for the  challenge need to incorporate the weekly theme. We are not simply a linky party. We have a specific theme for each week.  All submissions are competing to be the judge’s top pick.  If your project does not incorporate the theme, we will have to remove it.
  2. For example, if the week’s theme is “Paint,” you must have something that uses paint in your project. Some examples of paint may be — DIY furniture projects, decorating projects that involve paint, different painting techniques such as glazing, crackling or distressing.  Somewhere, somehow, and in some way you used paint in your project.
  3. When you submit a project into the challenge, please enter the link to the specific post on your blog that relates to the project — not to your general blog. This will help when a year from now, for example, someone who visits the site can find your project directly.
  4. The CSI Project button must be in your blog post.  If it is an older post, then our CSI Project button must on your sidebar for the week.  This makes it easier for other people to come over and join in the challenge if ,  for us to know that we have the correct entry in the challenge.
  5. The project you submit must be your own project and something you have made. (It can be inspired by something someone else has done, but it must be your creation.)
  6. We ask that you are a follower in order to be eligible to win!  (More followers means more giveaways!)

We welcome any type of handmade projects. For example, your entry might be a craft, a decorating project, food you’ve made (with pictures), a scrapbook project, a fashion accessory, or any kind of artistic medium. This is a family-friendly site, so please also keep that in mind.

Every week we’ll have a giveaway – randomly generated from the entrants (thanks,

We’ll have a special guest judge every week. The judge will go through every project, visit each site, and make a top 10 list of their favorites … plus one top winner.

The Top 10 winners will get a special button they can display on their sites –


The Top Project will get an exclusive #1 button:

We’ll also make a special page on The CSI Project listing all winning projects with links directly to the winners’ individual blogs — plus, we have special buttons you can earn for being our picks. Each of us — Amanda, Beckie and Jen have a button that we will pass out to our favorites each week.

We’ll highlight all 14 projects in a special winners post on Friday. And all top entries will have links back to their blogs. This will be a great way to drive traffic to all the blogs.

If you enter a project into our challenge, we ask that you please leave comments on at least 5 other entries in the contest. Not only is it nice to do, but it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. By entering, you give us permission to use your pictures however we like as long as we give credit to you and link back to your blog.

Here’s the weekly schedule for The CSI Project challenges:

Monday: We have a guest tutorial that features the theme for that week.

Tuesday: We have a guest tutorial that features the theme for that week.

Wednesday: We have a guest tutorial that features the theme for that week.

Thursday: The challenge linkup goes up at 9 am {EST}

Friday:The challenge linkup ends at 2 PM {EST}

Saturday: the winners are announced.

Sunday: We spotlight the next week’s challenge topic, guest judge and giveaway!!

CSI Project Schedule

We hope you will join in!

It’s a great way to get exposure for your site and inspiration too!