Welcome to the Dollar Store Challenge


Ok ladies, it’s time to link up your “Dollar Store” projects and we are so excited to see them! Here’s a refresher of the rules.


  1. All entries for this challenge need to incorporate the challenge’s theme.We are not simply a linky party. We have a specific theme for each week.  All submissions are competing to be the judge’s top pick.  If your project does not incorporate the theme it will be removed. Since this week’s theme is “Dollar Store” you must have something that obviously uses ONE element from a dollar store in your project.
  2. When you enter the challenge, please enter the link to the specific post on your blog that relates to the project — not to your general blog. This will help when a year from now, for example, someone who visits the site can find your project directly.
  3. The CSI Project button must be in your blog post. HERE are the buttons.  This makes it easy for other people to come over and join in the challenge if they like – and for us to know that we have the correct entry in the challenge when we’re judging. And if you use an older post, please update it so it’s current. If you don’t want to update it, please add the button to that post and to the sidebar for the week of the contest. Thanks!
  4. The project you submit must be your own project and something you have made. (It can be inspired by something someone else has done, but it must be your creation.)
  5. We ask that you are a CSI follower or subscriber to win the prizes. The more followers the site has — the more giveaways we are able to host.
  6. If you enter a project into our challenge, we ask that you please leave comments on at least 5 other entries in the contest. Not only is it nice to do, but it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.
  7. By entering, you give us permission to spotlight your projects – we will give you credit  and link back to your blog.

You are welcome to enter as many projects as you like!

{as long as each project has an element of the theme in it}

Heather from Dollar Store Crafts will go through each project and find her personal #1 favorite, plus her top 10.

We will select two of the entries to each win a $20 Shey B gift certificate using Random.org.

We appreciate you taking the time to come over!

It’s time to link up! The link will be up until Thursday at 12 PM (EST). Then we will announce the winners on Friday!



  1. Wow! There are some really great entries here! Wanted to also let you know that for some reason all the thumbnails on the third column are showing only maybe 1/2 the pic. The right side is cut off so you can’t see the whole object. I don’t think it’s my browser, but just in case I have IE8 with DSL. Good Luck to everyone! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  2. Such a fun challenge! I can’t wait to take some time to explore the entries!

  3. This is such a fun challenge this week! I am so excited that Heather could judge and Shey B is the sponsor! I am loving all of the projects so far!!

  4. Welcome….thanks for linking up!

    By the way…I love your profile name. It is so true…..the answer IS chocolate!


  5. Thanks Pam. I’m glad you’re enjoying the entries this week….they are really great! And thanks for the heads up. If you click to enlarge the window, the whole page should show up. Hope that works for you. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Life in Rehab…you made me laugh! Is it sad that I LOVED that you were hitting refresh waiting for the linky to show up??? Thanks for loving CSI that much!


  7. Thank you for hosting this challenge! I LOVE creating with dollar store items. Scrolling throught the links there is ALOT of creativity here!! I can’t wait to look at some of them, I know I will want to try several of them.
    I’ve written a post on my blog “renewing” my original posts with tthe projects that I have entered and have blogged about the challenge!
    Thanks again!


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